Castle Pelişor


 Pelişor Castle is a small castle built Peles Castle Park on the Prahova Valley. Built between 1899 and 1902 by the Czech architect Karel Liman and decorated by the Viennese artist Ludwig Bernhardt, Castle becomes Pelişor since 1903, the summer residence of the princes and heirs.

The castle was built by King Carol I wish that the residence of the heirs of Ferdinand and Maria hottest.

Furniture and interior decoration, made ​​largely by Bernhard Ludwig, indicating a residential area (hall, work practices, the chapel, "gold room"), a tributary innovations artistic movements since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Pelişor has only 99 rooms, to the Peles Castle with 160 rooms. The whole house was decorated to be a princely residence, and bears the imprint of a strong personality: the Queen Mary. Hall of Honor is paneled with oak. The bedroom is decorated gold queen after plans and drawings with furniture gilded carved linden wood. All the plans was awarded the Queen and her office and bedroom walls are decorated with gold leaf thistle, why drag queen because it was the emblem of Scotland, her birthplace. There have raised their children: Charles (later King Carol II), Marioara (Queen of Yugoslavia), Elizabeth (Queen of Greece) and Nicholas.

The main rooms are:

Hall of Honor, refined simplicity, casetoane paneled oak. Remarkably it turns adorned with stained glass skylight, the art element of architecture 1900.
Ferdinand office required by solemnity. The gasket neorenasterii German-style furniture, the post office in Walnut, plated with three carved panels depicting castles Peles, Pelişor and Arbour.
Queen Mary Chapel built apartment located in an area with marble clad Ruschita, accessible through an archway with columns, gilded, bearing an inscription flagship. Note the silence gives antrelacuri decorated with stained glass windows that filter light fascinating.
Gold bedroom is furnished with pieces made ​​in 1909 in the Arts and Crafts Workshops in Sinaia (school founded by the king), queen of the plans and drawings. Carved in linden wood, gold medal antrelacul they carry element of inspiration and zoomorphic Celtic Byzantine Art interpreted in the manner of 1900.
Office Queen Mary, located in an interior decorated with columns and a fireplace Brancovenesti specific Romanian interior, designed furniture includes a queen. Chairs and table for correspondence are decorated with symbols of Mary, the lily and the cross gamată.

Gold Room, the room pivotal palace, is unusual as decoration. Gilded stucco walls bear thistle leaves, why drag queen city emblem since it was Nancy, the capital of Art Nouveau, but also related to Scotland, birthplace of Mary. Furniture decorated with Celtic and Byzantine elements is put to good use and skylight to form a Celtic cross on the roof.

Pelişor Castle holds a valuable collection of decorative art belonging to Art Nouveau, including works by artists such as E. Galle, Daum brothers, J. Hoffmann, LC Tiffany, etc. Gurschner. A manuscript deserves special mention - made ​​of painted parchment gave Mary and Ferdinand in 1906. Fine arts may be grouped under the title "Artistic Youth" movement sponsored by the Queen, the Romanian artists are brought together early career.

Pelişor Castle and other works are Queen Mary, in addition to the manuscript mentioned above, such as watercolors representing some lilies.




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