Deira, Dubai

Deira (In Arabic: ديرة) is an area in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates bordered by the Persian Gulf, Sharjah and Dubai Creek. Historically, it has been the commercial center of Dubai, but has been losing its importance during the past few years due to recent development along E 11 road (Sheikh Zayed Road) and areas further down the coast toward Abu Dhabi. Port Saeed is a small port along Deira's shore of Dubai Creek. Port Saeed holds some of the dhow cruises and small shipping boats in Dubai. Deira has developed much since its early days with the development of both overhead and underground metro tracks, innumerable shopping malls springing up, and modern buildings and towers currently under construction within the area. Deira stands as an important port in the world. It certainly does have many landmarks, such as the Clock Tower, Maktoum Bridge etc., that are very worthy of seeing.

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