Churches of Chiloé

The Churches of Chiloé in Chile's Chiloé Archipelago are a unique architectural phenomenon in the Americas and one of the most prominent buildings of Chilota architecture. Unlike classical Spanish colonial architecture the churches of Chiloé are made entirely in native timber with extensive use of wooden roof shingles. The churches were made to resist Chiloé Archipelago's humid and rainy oceanic climate.

Built in the 18th and 19th centuries when Chiloé Archipelago was still a part of the Spanish Crown possessions, the churches represent the fusion of European Jesuit culture and local native peoples skill and traditions: an excellent example of mestizo culture.

The Churches of Chiloé have been part of the World Heritage Sites since 2000. This heritage preservation project has been led by the University of Chile, Fundación Cultural Iglesias de Chiloé and other institutions.


The sixteen churches registered as part of the World Heritage Site are concentrated in the central eastern zone of the archipalego.

Code                       Name                     Commune

971-001           Church of Achao          Quinchao
971-002           Church of Quinchao      Quinchao
971-003           Church of Castro          Castro
971-004           Church of Rilán Castro
971-005           Church of Nercón         Castro
971-006           Church of Aldachildo    Puqueldón
971-007           Church of Ichuac          Puqueldón
971-008           Church of Detif Puqueldón
971-009           Church of Vilupulli        Chonchi
971-010           Church of Chonchi        Chonchi
971-011           Church of Tenaún         Dalcahue
971-012           Church of Colo Quemchi
971-013           Church of San Juan       Dalcahue
971-014           Church of Dalcahue      Dalcahue
971-015           Church of Chelín           Castro
971-016           Church of Caguach       Quinchao

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